2015 York Region District School Board/York Region Science & Technology Fair Award Winners

Unionville-Milliken Soccer Club Health & Fitness Award
This award recognizes the top three projects focused on health and/or sport/fitness.

  • Priethu Raveendran, Pierre Burton PS and Athirai Ilangko, Oscar Peterson PS, Medical Walker
  • Raymond Wong and Milan Dave, Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School, The Effects of Temperature and the Abundance of Vitamin D on the Breakdown of Calcium Carbonate
  • Jack Zhang, William Berczy PS, Real-Time Iterative Prediction of Basketball Scores

UOIT Summer Camp Award
Awarded to a Junior or Intermediate student in the Engineering and Computer Science Category who best demonstrates innovation

  • Abramo Ginevra, St Charles Garnier, The Trebuchet

The Environment Award - Sponsored by EnviroAnalysis Conference
The “Environment Award” is given to a project judged to be the Best-in-Fair about any aspect of environmental science. The project may be an Experiment, Innovation, or Study; The winning project will be that which is clear, concise, logical, and conducted according to the best principles of scientific investigation.

  • Nicole Zhao, Markville SS, Bioremediation of CBZ with cocopeat biofilters

Vernadsky Award
This award is presented in honour of the scientific endeavors of Russian-Ukrainian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky whose works have contributed to geology, geography, geosphere, biosphere and noosphere. This award is given to the project that reflects ideas that best support sustainable development.

  • Caroline Lou and Chen Chen, Bayview SS, Investigating the Effect of Biochar on Parsley Plant Growth

University of Ottawa Entrance Scholarship
The University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship is awarded to the most deserving senior-level science fair project to encourage the winner(s) to pursue university sciences or technology studies.

  • Michelle Li, University of Toronto Schools, Regulating Fat Growth with Master-switch Protein kinase

Honourable Mentions

  • Amman Bari, Trillium School, To Rust, or Not to Rust
  • Jenna Gulizia, St. Marys CHS, How does the font of the word affect your memory of it?
  • Daphne Jin, Richmond Hill and Montessori Private School, Preserved Bouquets
  • Nicole Sadeh and Megan Kesner , Bayview Hill ES, The Green Home
  • Ashley Kam and Adela Hua, Lincoln Alexander PS, Is Multitasking practical?
  • Rohan Batchu , Boxwood PS, BlackoutSaver
  • Alefiyah Najmi , Ashton Meadows PS, Copper Cleaning
  • Priethu Raveendra, Pierre Berton PS and Athirai Ilangko, Oscar Peterson PS, Medical Walker
  • Sinead Azam and Adrianne Tang, Windham Ridge PS, Bean Plants in their Environment

Bronze Medal

  • Naya Paluzzi and Madison Gordon, St. Mary, Different Viscosities of Oils for the Use of Cars in the Winter
  • Sachin Sayal, Richmond Hill and Montessori Private School, Cell Phones: Convenience or Health Hazard?
  • Fatema Zahra Najarali, As-Sadiq Islamic School, Light Up Your Memory
  • Keanah Lem, Trillium School, Which Tea Has the Most Caffeine? Does the Amount of Steeping Time Affect the Amount of Caffeine?
  • Emily Lau, St. Augustine Catholic High School, Super-Sponge
  • Anik Babul, Richmond Hill and Montessori Private School, Which has a worse effect on human DNA and cell longevity: sugar or a common sugar substitute?
  • Abramo Ginevra, St. Charles Garnier, The Trebuchet
  • Joseph Calabria, St. Justin Martyr, Water Cooling in Computers
  • Ashley Wang and Srishti Sehgal, Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School, Light Begets Darkness: Colour Differentiation versus Screen Type
  • Sam Mokhtare Zadeh, Trillium Woods PS, “Death Mountain” The Volcanic Eruption Process
  • Kamron Zaidi, Silver Stream PS, Reversing Global Warming
  • Natalie Sadeh and Jessica Yin, Bayview Hill ES, Dreams: Beyond the Sky’s limits
  • Jack Zhang, William Berczy PS, Real-time iterative Prediction of Basketball Scores
  • Mariah Ahmed, Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School, Formation of Socially Beneficial Habits in Adolescents
  • Katelyn Wong, Crosby Heights PS, Biofuels - What’s all the fuss?

Silver Medal

  • Eric Fernandes, Richmond Hill Montessori and Private School, Soil Savers
  • Jafar Sadiq Sunderji, As-Sadiq Islamic School, Stay Fresh
  • Alexandra Simone, St. Mary, How do various cleaning methods affect bacterial growth on a toothbrush
  • Tara Rafi, Silver Stream PS, Water on Wheels
  • Muhammad Yaseen Abbas, As-Saddiq Islamic School, Mouthwash – Oral Health or Hazard?
  • Matteo Bomben, Holy Trinity School, A Novel Cancer Treatment Approach Involving the CRISPR-Induced Repair of Tumour Suppression Gene TP53
  • Danielle D’Souza, St. Justin Martyr, Peel Paper
  • Conan Shing, Unionville Montessori Private School, Which Rocket Nose Cone is More Effective Ogive or Parabola
  • Casey Li and Helen Tang, King City Secondary School, Giant Weeds and Miniature Creatures
  • Nicole Haim, LH Frechette PS, Wind Energy
  • Simona Poroshenko, LH Frechette PS, Do electronics impact our sleep?
  • William Zhou and Michael Zhou – Pierre Elliott Trudeau HS, A Novel Method for Evaluating Data Intergrity
  • Amanda Mac, Bur Oak SS, Blindsight: Vision’s Second Mind
  • Miqdad Khimji, Dr. Roberta Bondar PS, magnetOsphere

Gold Medal Winners

  • Melanie Seabrook, Thornlea SS and Emma Seabrook, Henderson PS, Finding Planets Around Other Stars: Does Size Matter?
  • Caroline Lou and Chen Chen, Bayview SS, Investigating the Effect of Biochar on Parsley Plant Grown

Gold Medal and Finalists for Canada Wide Science Fair

  • William Aidan Aird, St. Brother Andre CHS, The Water Wheel Cart Plus - Improving the Quality of Life in Developing Nations
  • Michelle Li, University of Toronto Schools, Regulation of Adipokines and Fat Growth by Master-switch Protein Kinase
  • Nicole Zhao, Markville SS, Identification of Carbamazepine Degraders
  • Nika Elmi, PACE, The Mystery of Bipolar Disorder
Canada Wide Science Fair Finalists
From right to left: William Aidan Aird, Michelle Li, Nicole Zhao, Nika Elmi