Rules and Regulations

Where can I find out the safety/ ethics rules for science fairs?

Safety rules and ethics considerations are available when planning your science fair project. Projects that do not meet these ethics and safety considerations will be removed from the fair. Please NOTE: All projects involving humans and/ or animals as subjects must have ethics forms completed PRIOR to undertaking your research. Proof of these forms will be required before your project is into the fair. Projects involving humans or animals that do NOT have forms will NOT be allowed to compete. If you have any questions about ethics requirements, please email Nathalie Rudner

Are there specific safety guidelines I must meet on fair day?

Yes. All projects must be inspected by the YRSTF Safety inspector and meet the requirements listed on the Safety Checklist 2016. Check your project against this list to make sure you meet all the safety guidelines. Projects that do not meet the requirements on this list will be removed from the fair.

Who is eligible to participate in the science fair?

Any student in grades 7 – 12, who go to school or are home-schooled in York Region are eligible for the YRSTF. Students residing in York Region who do not attend a York Region School may compete as long as they are NOT competing in another local/ regional fair.

How much does it cost to enter the science fair?

If you are enrolled in an independent (private) school or are home schooled, the registration fee is $100 dollars per project. If you attend either a York Region District School Board school or a York Catholic District School Board school, your registration has already been covered.

Can I work with a partner?

Yes! You can work either by yourself or in a team with one other student. No teams bigger than two students are permitted.

How do I/we get started?

Choose a topic that interests you and do some background research. What questions come to mind? If you are stuck for ideas, do a simple Google search for 'science fair ideas'. Once you have decided on a project, register your project here.

Do I need a teacher to support me if I want to register for the science fair?

No. You do not need a teacher to support you, however in the interest of safety, you do need an adult who is over 18 years of age to oversee your project. This adult could be a teacher, parent, doctor, neighbour, etc. Any help this adult gives you for your project must be acknowledged in your write up.