The York Region Science and Technology Fair is open to all York Region students (public, catholic and private), from grades 7-12. Before being accepted to attend the Fair, however, you must first choose a project topic and begin your research.

There are many different areas of science that you might choose to study, but there are generally three types of projects: experimentation, innovation, or study (research). Once you have chosen your topic and the type of investigation you wish to perform, you now have to plan your project. Make sure that you check over the safety guidelines beforehand.

Once your project has been planned out, and you are ready to begin your investigation, let us know that you plan to compete at the Fair by registering your project on our registration site. Registration on the site does not guarantee participation in the fair, as we reserve the right to limit the number of projects per school to 5. Projects will be confirmed by email. Please make sure you speak to your teacher before registering.

If you have got all that covered, continue to the registration page.

Specific details about participation in the fair can be found in the student manuals: