The day of the Fair is an exciting time for our young participants. A large part of this excitement is owing to their meeting real scientists. Whether these scientists are students of science, practicing professionals, or researchers, students enjoy the genuine relationship that our judges have with science.

To be a judge for our Fair, you cannot be related to any of the participants, nor can you be an elementary or high-school teacher. You must be willing to attend our judges information session, held during an evening prior to the event. And, of course, you must also be able to attend the Fair itself.

Before you register yourself as a judge, please understand that we have some guiding principles that we expect our judges to respect. Our participants can be very anxious about presenting their ideas to someone who represents a scientific authority, so there is a certain amount of responsibility that our judges must take on. Since our judges have a unique opportunity to influence the future scientific pursuits of the participants, they should possess certain characteristics, such as: being positive and encouraging; able to criticize constructively and provide suggestions; and able to communicate scientifically to youth.

We hope that you will now take a moment to register yourself as a judge in our Fair. On behalf of all our participants and committee members, we thank you for this kindness you have bestowed upon us.

Check out ourĀ Judges Handbook 2019