Ethic Forms

All students competing in the YRSTF are responsible to ensure that they have received proper ethics approval for their project. YRSTF follows the ethics guidelines established by Youth Science Canada and the Canada Wide Science Fair.

Ethics approval must be obtained for any project involving humans and/or animals. The forms required to obtain this approval are listed below:

ALL projects involving humans or animals:
Request for Advice or a Ruling

For projects involving humans:
Form 4.1A - Approval of Low Risk Projects Form
Form 4.1B - Approval of Significant Risk Projects Form

For projects involving animals:
Form 4.1C - Approval of Projects Involving Vertebrate Animals and Cephalopods Form

These forms must be submitted upon registration by email to Nathalie Rudner

In addition to submitting these forms, students will be asked to submit copies of Letters of Information, Blank Permission Forms, and Sample survey questions as necessary based on their project prior to the close of registration.